Surviving the Halloween Candy-pocalypse!

Halloween is tomorrow and I’m already tense. This holiday has been the demise of many a good diet plan for me. I decided that if I was going to be different this time I was going to have to act differently. So, I created a Halloween Survival Checklist to help you and me make ti through!

Have A Plan

Going into the day without a plan will be the nail in the coffin (a little Halloween humor there) for our meal plan. Consider where you’re going, when you’re going and even what your entire day is going to look like. THEN MAKE A PLAN! Have snacks on hand that you actually like (this is not the night for celery and hummus), plan fun things that are not food related and even consider donating the majority of the candy the next day! (Didn’t know that was a thing? Check it out here).¬†

Get In A Workout

Workouts make us feel good. They center us and make us want to have a great day. If you have a good workout most likely you won’t want to destroy all of that hard work on some cheap candy!

Ditch The Yoga Pants

Wearing clothing that is fitted will help us to be aware of our bodies. We will feel quickly when we decide to fuel our bodies with junk. It will make us far less likely to indulge!

Plan Your Treats

Don’t, I repeat DON’T, deny yourself a treat.¬† That will make you obsess about it and then you will end up going off the rails because you felt deprived. Seek out some awesome fall time recipes for fun things to drink or snack on during the day.

Remember Your Why

Before you snake your hand around those fun size candy bars consider why you are on a journey to get fit to begin with. Remembering the why behind the sweat, the meal prep, the cooking, the container counting will help you stay laser focused on your goals.

Drink, Drink, Drink

No, not like a college frat party drink. Try drinking water, sparkling water, coffee, tea, or some other fancy beverage. It will keep your hands and mouth busy so you will be less likely to pop the piece of candy in your mouth.

Don’t Be Afraid To Tap Out

We don’t get extra points somewhere for making ourselves miserable by manning the candy bowl. If you feel like you can’t make it one more minute then hand the bowl off to someone else and head inside for some me time. No one else there? Then you put the bowl on the front stoop with a sign that says help yourself. You are your journey are more important then making sure that Princess Elena’s goodies were hand-delivered into her pumpkin or she grabbed a handful with her own sticky hands.

Grab the Printable!

[sociallocker id=”138″] Here’s your printable checklist¬†Halloween Survival Checklist [/sociallocker]

Let’s take on this holiday and show it who is the boss!! Tony Danza, of course!

In Case of My Demise

So, Tuesday we celebrate Halloween. You know that holiday that is about nothing but sugar?!?!?! Usually I do my parenting duty of performing the candy tax on my daughter’s yearly haul. If you are unfamiliar with the candy tax you are missing out!! It is where you raid the kid’s bucket and pull out all your favorites after they go to sleep. I had to haul the kid around for trick or treating so I felt I deserved a little something for my troubles.

Fast forward to this year… the past seven months have seen a BIG change in our house. I have started the fight of my life to get fit and healthy and to kick some medications to the curb. So, now I have a dilemma… throw away all that hard work by giving in on Tuesday or stick to my guns and keep up the good fight. Sigh… you guys know I begrudgingly chose to stick to my plan.

I have prepared myself for the day by buying a bunch of candy that I want no part of. So, my house might get egged, I might get flipped off and mine may be labeled as the house that gives out the crap candy but I am sticking to my plan. Good thing is that I am giving out crap candy at a trick or treat event so hopefully no one will stick around to tail me home to punish me for my choices. Sorry kiddies!! This gal only has so much will power and it’s stretched tight like a rubber band and about to pop me in the face!!

Do me a favor… remember me fondly should you read in the papers on Wednesday where I was stoned to death by pieces of stale Double Bubble (cause you know that stuff is always hard as a rock), dum dum suckers and fruit gummies.

What are your plans for the Halloween Holiday? Anybody with me on the plan to resist all of the temptations?

Take care ya’ll…