I’m Just Sayin’ Ya’ll Episode 2 – Stank Eye

Hey ya’ll!!

It is time for another installment of I’m Just Sayin’ Ya’ll which is my weekly video where I answer YOUR questions! Your questions can be about anything and everything and I pick at least one to answer on video every week with my own sassy spin!

Today’s episode is all about the Stank Eye, Evil, Eye, Momma Look, Bless Your Heart Face or whatever special name you want to use for that look that you can give people that means business. I am sure that we will revisit this special look on more than one occasion during I’m Just Sayin’ Ya’ll because it is the ultimate weapon in so many situations!

If you are interested in asking me a question feel free to connect to me on social media, comment on this post, comment on the YouTube video or use the Contact Me page for the site! Or if you want use a smoke signal or telegraph I will find a way to answer!!

Also, I am holding my very first CONTEST!!! If you want more info check it out HERE!!

How My Health and Fitness Journey Started

How My Health and Fitness Journey Started

Hey ya’ll!

So, there have been some questions lately about what started me on my health and fitness journey. In this post, I am going to share with you the moment that I decided to go all in.

A Brief History of My Life

I have never been a fit person. I was the chubby girl stuffed into the pink Hanes sweatsuit that my mom bought me for gym class. Every day, I prayed for it to be over or for the ground to open up and swallow me. I excelled at creative pursuits of music and art and every other subject. But gym class… oh my.

Over the years I became the Queen of Excuses and could come up with about fifteen reasons on the spot for why I couldn’t do exercise. I hid behind self-deprecating jokes because you laugh to keep from crying. I would laugh at myself and try to convince myself that the weight didn’t really bother me.

The Journey Begins

Until one fated day in a booth at Chili’s, I said “Why not?” instead of thinking about all the reasons that I couldn’t do it. It has been over six months since that moment and I am going strong. Sometimes, I can’t even believe it when I fill out medical paperwork and can write down that I workout 6-7 times per week (and it ISN’T a lie!!)

This doesn’t mean that every day is easy now, abso-freaking-lutely NOT!!! Every day I have to get up and do it anyway even when the voice in my head is trying to convince me otherwise. Good news though…that voice seems quieter now and she is not nearly as scary or as bossy as she used to be. I am hoping one day she will get with the program and realize I’m not quitting.

DISCLAIMER! The video below was filmed in Summer 2017 and more pounds and inches have been happily removed since it’s creation 🙂

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Introducing I’m Just Sayin’ Ya’ll

Introducing I’m Just Sayin’ Ya’ll

Ya’ll… it has seriously been a life long dream of mine to be an advice expert on a radio show. I have always loved the thought of being a part of helping people find the answers to their burning questions. If you aren’t aware in my day to day life I am a mental health therapist and spend a lot of time helping people on their journeys through life. However, that is not the same as giving Amanda-style advice that only I can give.

I started offering colorful commentary in daily videos on a Facebook accountability group for health and exercise and someone suggested I do advice somewhere. it was like the heavens opened up and I realized it was my chance ya’ll!!

So, below you will find my tongue-in-cheek commentary of burning questions submitted to me. If you ever wanted to hear what a Southern Momma would advise you to do on a certain topic now is your opportunity! I love giving my opinion and I love having a chuckle. If you are interested in submitting your own questions feel free to put them in the comments on this post or use the contact me option and it might show up in an upcoming installment of I’m Just Sayin’ Ya’ll. My plan is to offer these little juicy bits of wisdom once a week, so I need lots of great questions.

Because I am me the first installment is all about the ta-tas, sorry we’re just a little bit late for breast cancer awareness but we can celebrate the ta-tas whenever we want to.. so there!! No judgement from the peanut gallery!!

Without further ado… I’m just sayin’ ya’ll!