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80 Day Obsession Day 13 Review – More Cardio Flow

It’s a wrap on the second week of 80 Day Obsession! As usual, the official last round of workouts for the week is Cardio Flow.

All your favorite animal moves are here, along with a faster pace since Autumn Calabrese isn’t demoing moves!

Do you feel stronger this week? Did you push through to the end!

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Amanda & Mike

Where there’s a will…

80 Day Obsession Day 1 Review

80 Day Obsession Day 1 Review

You’ve heard the buzz about 80 Day Obsession and you’re curious about the workouts and the nutrition plan. Amanda shares with you her 80 Day Obsession Day 1 Review here and leaves nothing out, including her thoughts on the work and what it takes to be successful.80 Day Obsession has BEGUN!

Mike and I are diving right into this new workout & nutrition plan and can’t wait to see where we are when this part of our journey wraps up in April.

80 Day Obsession is a completely new program that includes workouts and a complete timed nutrition plan. It is, in a word…


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