The holidays are upon us and, unfortunately, so is all the food and treats to go with it. I still have health and fitness goals that I would like to meet and one of those goals is to make it through the holiday season guilt free. Not an easy task!

When I say guilt free that doesn’t mean that this momma isn’t going to have the occasional treat or special food item. I just mean I am not going to stuff myself on ALL the treats and food items! I am challenging myself to make the holiday about the special time that I get to spend with my loved ones and not looking forward to all the food I get to eat. The holiday season has always been a minefield and often the total downfall of my diet plan.

I have told myself, “Just this once”, “I’ve worked so hard so I can _____” Sound familiar?

So, to help me and US make it through the holiday season I have created some easy tips and tricks! This post is focusing on how to make it through the cooking portion of the holiday without falling off track.

Have any other ideas that help you from grazing while cooking? Write them in the comments! I would love to hear them!

Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll!



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