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A Tried and True Strategy for Staying Motivated Even When Your World is Turning Upside Down

A Tried and True Strategy for Staying Motivated Even When Your World is Turning Upside Down

Hey ya’ll! Recently I have found myself benched on my health and fitness journey by a nasty hip sprain that occurred during a country line dancing workout, believe it or not! I seriously don’t know where those multiple years of ballet, tap and jazz have gone!! So, in honor of #MotivationMonday I thought I would share how I am choosing to stay motivated in the midst of a complete plot twist in my life (Insert plot twist music here… DUH DUH DUUUHHHHHH!!!!! You get extra cool points if you inserted music at this moment in the article).

The old me would have used this as a perfect excuse to live it up Little Debbie style and stuff my face and to not exercise. Thankfully, I am not that girl anymore and used handy dandy You Tube to search out some seated workouts. However, it got me to thinking…how can we stay motivated even in the midst of an unexpected bump in the road?

I know there are times where motivation can be scarce, particularly if you have had an injury or the scale and measurements aren’t moving the way you think they should. However, motivation is what will carry you through those dark times. I am going to share with you one of the pictures I have started using to help keep me motivated. Man, oh man, the difference a year makes. 

And, thankfully the bottom left picture showed up on a day I was feeling frumpy and down on myself and motivated me to get up and push play on a workout I so did not want to do. Do you have those days too? See how I have decided to change that in my video below:

Ya’ll take care!


Surviving the Holiday with My Portion Size Guide

If you’re anything like me the Turkey Day festivities are overflowing with opportunities to overindulge in the celebratory foods. However, I have goals! I want to make it through the holiday season losing weight instead of gaining (which will be a definite first for me). How in the world am I going to make that happen? Watching my portion sizes!

I used to hate weighing and measuring my food. It thought it dirtied up too many dishes, thought it was a waste of time and was a huge burden. However, when I started my journey in April of this year I decided to go all in. That meant that I was 110% in the meal and fitness plans. Which, in turn, means that my Beachbody Portion Fix Containers are one of the most used items in my home! Why? Because it works!!

So, my plan to make it through the Turkey Day festivities is to actually take my Portion Fix containers with me so I can stay on track. However, some people don’t like the kind of attention a multi colored container set might bring so I have created a handy visual guide to portion sizes to keep you on track during the holiday! If you would like your own printable copy click on the image below!

Here is to staying on track this holiday season and about making it more about the people around you then what is on our plate!

Happy Thanksgiving!

7 Tips for Surviving the Thanksgiving Minefield While Cooking

The holidays are upon us and, unfortunately, so is all the food and treats to go with it. I still have health and fitness goals that I would like to meet and one of those goals is to make it through the holiday season guilt free. Not an easy task!

When I say guilt free that doesn’t mean that this momma isn’t going to have the occasional treat or special food item. I just mean I am not going to stuff myself on ALL the treats and food items! I am challenging myself to make the holiday about the special time that I get to spend with my loved ones and not looking forward to all the food I get to eat. The holiday season has always been a minefield and often the total downfall of my diet plan.

I have told myself, “Just this once”, “I’ve worked so hard so I can _____” Sound familiar?

So, to help me and US make it through the holiday season I have created some easy tips and tricks! This post is focusing on how to make it through the cooking portion of the holiday without falling off track.

Have any other ideas that help you from grazing while cooking? Write them in the comments! I would love to hear them!

Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll!



Diary of a Veggie Hater

Diary of a Veggie Hater

Since I am among friends I thought I would share something that may or may not shock you. I have lost 52 pounds and I absolutely hate vegetables!! I feel like I am at a 12 step group… I’m Amanda and I am a veggie hater. (Cue everyone saying, “Hi Amanda”).

My hatred for vegetables has been such a roadblock to my weight loss success in the past. Woman cannot live on steamed broccoli alone ya’ll!! Particularly if it doesn’t have cheese on it! This time around I figured in order to make this work I had to do vegetables on my terms. I was done forcing myself to eat salads all the time and I was done forcing myself to eat vegetables I didn’t like.

The challenge has been finding ways to get in my 8 servings of veggies and incorporating vegetables into my daily life in a way that I could maintain and not feel like I was making myself miserable. I am still learning how best to make those 8 servings of vegetables my meal plan requires happen. But, here are a few tips I have learned along the way:

  1. Try new things- this is important. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and be willing to try new things. I learned a few years ago that it wasn’t that I didn’t like green beans. It was actually that I didn’t like the french cut style green beans that my Dad always preferred and was the green bean of my childhood. Trying new things have led me to many a discovery that I didn’t think possible.
  2. Don’t be afraid to write something off. Just like trying something new I think it is also important to be willing to let go of some vegetables that are just not for you. Mine is sweet potatoes (I know, I know, they are more of a carb). I have tried them so many times and every time I think they are disgusting. Like vile and disgusting…blech. So, I stopped trying to force myself to like sweet potatoes even if they are so much better for me.
  3. SPICES ARE THE KEY. I have learned along the way that spices and herbs are the key to keeping me interested in vegetables. For instance, these days smoked paprika is my go-to spice. I put it on everything!! It helps that spinach and mushroom combo to pop!

So, I thought I would also share with you a day with me where I get in 8 servings of veggies and how I make it happen!! Check it out!!

I’m Just Sayin’ Ya’ll Episode 2 – Stank Eye

Hey ya’ll!!

It is time for another installment of I’m Just Sayin’ Ya’ll which is my weekly video where I answer YOUR questions! Your questions can be about anything and everything and I pick at least one to answer on video every week with my own sassy spin!

Today’s episode is all about the Stank Eye, Evil, Eye, Momma Look, Bless Your Heart Face or whatever special name you want to use for that look that you can give people that means business. I am sure that we will revisit this special look on more than one occasion during I’m Just Sayin’ Ya’ll because it is the ultimate weapon in so many situations!

If you are interested in asking me a question feel free to connect to me on social media, comment on this post, comment on the YouTube video or use the Contact Me page for the site! Or if you want use a smoke signal or telegraph I will find a way to answer!!

Also, I am holding my very first CONTEST!!! If you want more info check it out HERE!!

How My Health and Fitness Journey Started

How My Health and Fitness Journey Started

Hey ya’ll!

So, there have been some questions lately about what started me on my health and fitness journey. In this post, I am going to share with you the moment that I decided to go all in.

A Brief History of My Life

I have never been a fit person. I was the chubby girl stuffed into the pink Hanes sweatsuit that my mom bought me for gym class. Every day, I prayed for it to be over or for the ground to open up and swallow me. I excelled at creative pursuits of music and art and every other subject. But gym class… oh my.

Over the years I became the Queen of Excuses and could come up with about fifteen reasons on the spot for why I couldn’t do exercise. I hid behind self-deprecating jokes because you laugh to keep from crying. I would laugh at myself and try to convince myself that the weight didn’t really bother me.

The Journey Begins

Until one fated day in a booth at Chili’s, I said “Why not?” instead of thinking about all the reasons that I couldn’t do it. It has been over six months since that moment and I am going strong. Sometimes, I can’t even believe it when I fill out medical paperwork and can write down that I workout 6-7 times per week (and it ISN’T a lie!!)

This doesn’t mean that every day is easy now, abso-freaking-lutely NOT!!! Every day I have to get up and do it anyway even when the voice in my head is trying to convince me otherwise. Good news though…that voice seems quieter now and she is not nearly as scary or as bossy as she used to be. I am hoping one day she will get with the program and realize I’m not quitting.

DISCLAIMER! The video below was filmed in Summer 2017 and more pounds and inches have been happily removed since it’s creation 🙂

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