5 Superhero Spices to Revolutionize Your Everyday Cooking

5 Superhero Spices to Revolutionize Your Everyday Cooking

One of the biggest things I have been doing on this journey is making sure that I only eat foods that taste good. If they taste good I will want to eat them and won’t feel deprived. So, I wanted to share five MUST HAVE best spices for everyday cooking (and 3 honorable mention seasoning blends). Not only do they taste great but they have some amazing health benefits!!

Check out my video at the end of the post to learn how I use them in my cooking!

My Top 5 Superhero Spices!

Superhero Spice #1 – Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a great source of antioxidants. It also has some amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

Muscle soreness, anyone?

It helps fight diabetes, infections, and viruses and it is an awesome natural breath freshener. Nobody wants stank breath!!

I have recently started using toasted Saigon cinnamon and it is life changing!! So much better than then the little tins that I used for cinnamon toast back in the day!

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Superhero Spice #2 – Pink Himalayan Salt

This salt packs a whopping 84 minerals and trace elements that we don’t get from regular table salt- like calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron.

One of the reasons for this mineral and element boost is because it is usually minimally processed. It helps to balance the body’s pH which helps to foster immunity and encourages good digestion. This pink beauty also helps reduce cramping and encourages healthy blood sugar levels.

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Superhero Spice #3 – Cumin

Cumin, with its great earthy quality, lends itself to lots of my favorite dishes (my own favorite blend for cooking Mexican food is in the video below).

Cumin aids in digestion, helps to eliminate phlegm and mucus (which everyone who lives in Kentucky has this time of year), and improves cognitive performance (makes ya smarter ya’ll). It can also help with anemia symptoms, boost immunity and fight viral infections.

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Superhero Spice #4 – Paprika

Ok… let’s stop for a minute so I can say that I put this ON EVERYTHING (I used the smoked variety).

I used to think it never really tasted like anything and you just put a dash on the top of your deviled eggs to make ’em look pretty. I was just using the wrong kind.

Good, quality paprika tastes amazing and has some GREAT health benefits. Paprika is antioxidant rich to help the body to fight disease. It also has the potential to help you regulate blood sugar levels, helps in eye health and keeps your heart strong…. and did I mention it tastes AWESOME?!?!

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Superhero Spice #5 – Turmeric

I like to think that Turmeric is the absolute superhero of these five all-star spices. It helps boost cognitive function and promotes healthy mood balance (which is great); however, my favorite is that it supports joint and muscle health and FIGHTS INFLAMMATION!

As a gal who has struggled with sciatic pain for years and now recovering from a hip sprain, I have been using this spice on the regular. It actually has the same impact as Ibuprofen according to research. I can tell you my own experiences are that I can tell a difference when I haven’t had it!

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Honorable Mention Seasoning Blends

As these three have some added salt I don’t recommend them as much as the top five above but they taste amazing and make my taste buds happy!! All three come from the amazing Trader Joes but are also available on Amazon through the links below.

If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby and haven’t been there… number 1 GASP! Number 2…make a trip happen this weekend.

  1. Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning – an awesome blend of onion, garlic, salt, poppy seeds and sesame seeds!
  2. Everyday Seasoning – This grinder adds some really zesty awesomeness to dishes! Has peppercorns in it so be cautious if you have a pepper hater in your home (that would be my daughter in our house).
  3. 21 Seasoning Salute – This blend of everything but the kitchen sink goes in all kinds of savory dishes around here.

Looking for some ideas on how to use these? Check out my video below!!

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Comment below any other superhero spices or favorite spice blends for me to try out!!

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