Since I am among friends I thought I would share something that may or may not shock you. I have lost 52 pounds and I absolutely hate vegetables!! I feel like I am at a 12 step group… I’m Amanda and I am a veggie hater. (Cue everyone saying, “Hi Amanda”).

My hatred for vegetables has been such a roadblock to my weight loss success in the past. Woman cannot live on steamed broccoli alone ya’ll!! Particularly if it doesn’t have cheese on it! This time around I figured in order to make this work I had to do vegetables on my terms. I was done forcing myself to eat salads all the time and I was done forcing myself to eat vegetables I didn’t like.

The challenge has been finding ways to get in my 8 servings of veggies and incorporating vegetables into my daily life in a way that I could maintain and not feel like I was making myself miserable. I am still learning how best to make those 8 servings of vegetables my meal plan requires happen. But, here are a few tips I have learned along the way:

  1. Try new things- this is important. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and be willing to try new things. I learned a few years ago that it wasn’t that I didn’t like green beans. It was actually that I didn’t like the french cut style green beans that my Dad always preferred and was the green bean of my childhood. Trying new things have led me to many a discovery that I didn’t think possible.
  2. Don’t be afraid to write something off. Just like trying something new I think it is also important to be willing to let go of some vegetables that are just not for you. Mine is sweet potatoes (I know, I know, they are more of a carb). I have tried them so many times and every time I think they are disgusting. Like vile and disgusting…blech. So, I stopped trying to force myself to like sweet potatoes even if they are so much better for me.
  3. SPICES ARE THE KEY. I have learned along the way that spices and herbs are the key to keeping me interested in vegetables. For instance, these days smoked paprika is my go-to spice. I put it on everything!! It helps that spinach and mushroom combo to pop!

So, I thought I would also share with you a day with me where I get in 8 servings of veggies and how I make it happen!! Check it out!!

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