On the podcast we have begun a series on self care. I wanted to take a deep dive into what is self care in all aspects of our life and what we can do to take better care of ourselves.

In my personal practices of self care and my work with my clients I think one of the things that can be most enlightening is to take a self care assessment. The assessment asks you different questions related to self care in multiple areas of your life – social, emotional, physical, professional, and spiritual. I have also started a podcast series that will look at each of these areas and how we can work towards having better self-care for our whole selves.

If you’re interested in taking a self care assessment of your own here are my top two recommendations. Taking both isn’t necessary as there are definite similiarites:

This assessment is from PositivePsychology.com which has a lot of amazing resources.
This assessment comes from TherapistAid.com which has a great number of awesome worksheets on therapeutic topics.

After taking a moment to complete the assessment share with me what was a surprise to you about your own self care practice.

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