Hey ya’ll!!

It is time for another installment of I’m Just Sayin’ Ya’ll which is my weekly video where I answer YOUR questions! Your questions can be about anything and everything and I pick at least one to answer on video every week with my own sassy spin!

Today’s episode is all about the Stank Eye, Evil, Eye, Momma Look, Bless Your Heart Face or whatever special name you want to use for that look that you can give people that means business. I am sure that we will revisit this special look on more than one occasion during I’m Just Sayin’ Ya’ll because it is the ultimate weapon in so many situations!

If you are interested in asking me a question feel free to connect to me on social media, comment on this post, comment on the YouTube video or use the Contact Me page for the site! Or if you want use a smoke signal or telegraph I will find a way to answer!!

Also, I am holding my very first CONTEST!!! If you want more info check it out HERE!!

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