If you’re anything like me the Turkey Day festivities are overflowing with opportunities to overindulge in the celebratory foods. However, I have goals! I want to make it through the holiday season losing weight instead of gaining (which will be a definite first for me). How in the world am I going to make that happen? Watching my portion sizes!

I used to hate weighing and measuring my food. It thought it dirtied up too many dishes, thought it was a waste of time and was a huge burden. However, when I started my journey in April of this year I decided to go all in. That meant that I was 110% in the meal and fitness plans. Which, in turn, means that my Beachbody Portion Fix Containers are one of the most used items in my home! Why? Because it works!!

So, my plan to make it through the Turkey Day festivities is to actually take my Portion Fix containers with me so I can stay on track. However, some people don’t like the kind of attention a multi colored container set might bring so I have created a handy visual guide to portion sizes to keep you on track during the holiday! If you would like your own printable copy click on the image below!

Here is to staying on track this holiday season and about making it more about the people around you then what is on our plate!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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