Hey ya’ll! Recently I have found myself benched on my health and fitness journey by a nasty hip sprain that occurred during a country line dancing workout, believe it or not! I seriously don’t know where those multiple years of ballet, tap and jazz have gone!! So, in honor of #MotivationMonday I thought I would share how I am choosing to stay motivated in the midst of a complete plot twist in my life (Insert plot twist music here… DUH DUH DUUUHHHHHH!!!!! You get extra cool points if you inserted music at this moment in the article).

The old me would have used this as a perfect excuse to live it up Little Debbie style and stuff my face and to not exercise. Thankfully, I am not that girl anymore and used handy dandy You Tube to search out some seated workouts. However, it got me to thinking…how can we stay motivated even in the midst of an unexpected bump in the road?

I know there are times where motivation can be scarce, particularly if you have had an injury or the scale and measurements aren’t moving the way you think they should. However, motivation is what will carry you through those dark times. I am going to share with you one of the pictures I have started using to help keep me motivated. Man, oh man, the difference a year makes. 

And, thankfully the bottom left picture showed up on a day I was feeling frumpy and down on myself and motivated me to get up and push play on a workout I so did not want to do. Do you have those days too? See how I have decided to change that in my video below:

Ya’ll take care!


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