On today’s episode of I’m Just Sayin’ Ya’ll I conquer the age old question of dressing your age. Ugh… I really, seriously hate that the general public has so many opinions on what we do with own bodies and selves!! I also hate to hear that we buy in and worry what people are thinking and saying about us.

I will say that how I dress and being confident in my own skin is an ongoing challenge for me. It has been for a long time. Being a plus size teen who was trying to not look like a MawMaw in the 90s when cute plus size fashion was not a thing probably set the stage for my self consciousness about my own wardrobe.

I am challenging us to take back our closets and to reinvent what our personal style is to include whatever the heck we want it to!!! So, go in your closet and drawers today and throw out, donate or shred everything that doesn’t make you feel good about you. Then start working on a wardrobe that makes you feel AMAZING!! I totally wanna see pics when you do this too!

Without further ado…my thoughts on dressing our age.

Here’s to being amazing and confident women!


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